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Water Cart


Where water transport is a major need this specialized water cart has a place. The 200 litre drum acts as the axle. The wheels and stub axles are held by the ½” pipes.

A single donkey can easily handle the load

Designed and made by
Triple W Engineering Ltd

Puncture Free Tyres


The wheel rim is rolled in a hand press then jig welded. The inner ring is welded to the rim.

One side of the tyre fitted to the rim and pushed against the inner ring. The tyre is then packed with sawdust for puncture avoidance and the retaining ring is squeezed on the rim and welded.

Full details of making these rims and tyres are given elsewhere

Use of the Water Cart


A funnel is used for filling via the larger hole in the top of the drum.

A flexible pipe is connected to the bottom hole. The pipe is raised for closing and lowered for emptying

A two drum version is under development

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