Jua Kali Intermediate Technology

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This website is targeted to assist a very special kind of person who exists in the majority of those countries generally described as developing, but are not all countries still developing? He/she are special because, without the assistance of the state, and indeed sometimes against the wishes of the state they have sufficient entrepreneurial spirit to become self-employed in small businesses. They do this with the minimum capital, often helped by family and friends, as no banks will give them loans when starting out.
Open Source Technology

Open Source Technology is a term borrowed from the world of computer programming.  It means that the original idea/design/development work on a tool or product is made public for others to develop further.  The developments/improvements are then fed back into the system for others to benefit from.  At each stage of development credit for the work is retained by each of the developers.

Any improvements in design must be tested and demonstrated by empirical evidence and data, then peer reviewed before  acknowledgement  will be given.

Anyone may leave a comment at the end of any article, and download any plans that are associated with the article.  In time there will be a forum for further discussions.

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