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Designed for use by women

This tool will plant through surface mulch in dry and moist soils.

In use the tool is rocked backward and forward as foot and hand pressure is applied.

Prior to dropping the seed the tool is pushed forward and this creates and maintains the tapered slot in the ground.

One person operates the tool and drops a controlled amount of fertiliser using a small plastic container  whose capacity has previously been calibrated for the field and crop requirements.

Details of the Planting Spears
The slots created by two spears maintain a space between seed and fertiliser and prevent direct contact.

The spears are made from high carbon steel and resist abrasive wear in sandy soils.

The ends of the tubes are flaired to ensure the seed and fertiliser are directed into the ground.


The space between the spears increases gradually to reduce friction in the centre and prevent blockage by soils when wet.


Delivery System

The ends of the delivery tubes are curved to ensure the seeds/fertiliser fall into the holes.

The system delivers both seed and fertiliser to a suitable depth in the moist layer.

Using hand dropping ensures that precise amounts of both seed and fertiliser are placed in the optimum positions for most efficient utilisation.

Top dressing has not been found necessary or effective.

Developed by Triple W Engineering Ltd
Drawings available
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (PlanterTHREE FunnelTemplate.pdf)Spear Planter Plans 03The third set of spear Planter plans that show how to make the seed and fertiliser funnels5 Kb
Download this file (PlanterTWOTemplateSpearBlade.pdf)Spear Planter Plans 02This file contains the second set of plans for the Spear Planter6 Kb
Download this file (PlantingSpearONEApril08.pdf)Spear Planter Plans 01The first of three plans for the Spear Planter as described in the article17 Kb
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