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Donkey Drawn Tools


 Soil loosener – This tool loosens the hard soil to ease subsequent moving. Several shallow passes are made gradually becoming deeper.

Scoop – This loads and transports the soil away from the pan or water hole. The filling, transporting and dumping are controlled by the operator with the handles.

Drawings available

Soil Loosener


 This version operates using a single animal in light soil. Note the well fitting harness and high lift hitch. This webbing is discarded aircraft straps used for securing containers and is cheap and strong.

One major advantage of the hitch is that the draw ropes are kept away from the animal’s rear legs thus reducing the real risk of them stepping over the ropes especially when turning.

The tool has a low draught force and shatters the soil to make scooping easy.

Handling the Scoop


The depth of loading is controlled by the handles. The important features are to maintain a shallow depth so the scoop fills over a distance.

 The soil should be left is as smooth and level as possible with no holes or bumps. These can cause a sudden increase in draught force which is not pleasant for the animal and should be avoided.

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Download this file (Donkey Scoop D 3 08.pdf)D308Donkey scoop plans8 Kb
Download this file (Donkey Scoop Dbar attach D 3A O.pdf)DBarDonkey scoop plans12 Kb
Download this file (Donkey Scoop metal layout D 1 O.pdf)Metal layoutDonkey scoop plans9 Kb
Download this file (Donkey Scoop Templates for End Plates D 4.pdf)Donkey scoop end platesThis file contains templates for the end plates of the donkey scoop5 Kb
Download this file (Scoop Handles D2 Oct 08.pdf)Scoop handlesDonkey scoop plans13 Kb
Download this file (Templates for Frame D 5 08.pdf)FrameD508Donkey scoop plans5 Kb
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