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Traditional Harness


This simple harness is made from cheap locally available materials.

Its main limitation is that the vertical load from the cart is taken on the neck and not the back.

The force to pull the cart along is the part of the harness which is against the animal’s breast.

The whole unit is a very loose fit and on downward slopes the cart is braked by contact with the hind legs of the animal. 

There is room for improvement...

Improved Harness


The saddle carries the load of the shafts and separates this from the force needed to pull the cart.

The animal exerts a pulling force through the breast band which is adjusted to suit the size of the animal.

Triple W Engineering Ltd
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This is made from wood or sheet metal which is then padded and covered with waterproof canvas.

Note that there is a space at the top so that the weight does not rest on the animal’s backbone.

The weight of the shafts is carried on the animals back by the chain which is stronger and more reliable than a rope.


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