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Camel Cart


Camels are immensely powerful but seldom used for draught purposes in Africa due to the esteem in which they are held by the communities of their owners.

 For transport this animal can pull a load of 1000 kg at a speed of 8-10 km/h without stress for several hours before the heat of the day.

This experimental cart has shafts which slide in tubes to accommodate the height of different animals.

Developed by Triple W Engineering Ltd

Camel Harness


It is essential that the harness is designed and adjusted to provide the best means of transmitting the energy to the cart.

The pulling force is generated by the breast band which is adjustable and must be set so it remains on the breast and does not climb to the throat where it could interfere with the breathing.

The weight of the shafts is carried by the saddle over its back and this is secured in place by a strap under its sternum which must be kept tight.

The strap round the back end acts like a brake when descending slopes.  

Cart Details


The wheels are hand rolled and fitted with a split axle to act as a differential. The bearings are split wood blocks soaked in grease.

Thrust washers are fitted on the inner bearings. Rates of wear are reasonable and shims between the bearing halves can be removed to reduce the clearance.

The tyres are filled with sawdust to avoid punctures, a necessity in the hostile environment of operation.

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