Jua Kali Intermediate Technology

Experimental Hand Cultivation Tools PDF Print E-mail

Offset Wheel Weeder


This arrangement avoids the operator walking on the raised bed and compressing the soil.

The two wheels straddle the crop row and ‘L’ shaped blades remove the weeds on either side of one row.

The width between the blades is adjustable for the crop conditions. The tool worked well and deserves more development.


Two Person Weeder


Following a request to make a wider weeder this two person version was made. A weight was needed to maintain stability and a box filled with soil was used.

In practice there was an objection by the front operator to pulling ‘like an animal’ but it operated well and did not damage (or eat) the plants as did the previously used donkey!

Hand Pushed Ridger


One operator pulls and the other pushes this ridger. The rear operator controls the depth while both contribute to the draught force.

Several passes are made each slightly deeper than the previous to spread the energy input need.

It has been used on potatoes (Irish) to cover the growing tubers and other crops to create water conservation structures. 

This tool has good potential to reduce hand work when making ridges.

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