Jua Kali Intermediate Technology

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Using the Planter

The planter is rocked back and forth as the foot/hand pushes it into the ground.


Finally it is pushed away from the operator and the seed and fertiliser are dropped down the tube and fall into the slots created through the mulch.

On pulling out the tool some soil falls to cover the seeds or a foot can be used to close the holes.

Crop Emergence

The crop emerges through the mulch into a weed free area.

The seed emerges later than that planted on cultivated land on right.


It continues to grow on stored moisture below the soil surface after the other crop has matured.

Final Yield
The crop grows slowly to maturity with high yields. The size and density of the canopy affect intercropping of beans.


The trial results show that a pure crop stand without intercropping gives better performance.

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