Jua Kali Intermediate Technology

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High Lift Hitch

This system was described by Prof. FM Inns of the UK. Note the hitch point is at the back of the animal rather than the normal shoulder or wothers.


The system allows a shorter, lighter and cheaper tool with a reduced draught force which often allows the use of one animal.

Ripper Planter

This needs two animals due to the hard conditions. The ripper cuts a slot in the soil and the wings on the tool shatter the soil for good moisture infiltration.


The operator drops seeds down the tube where it falls into the slot and is covered by soil raised by the wings.

Rainfall on the uncultivated soil between the rows runs over the surface and falls into the soil loosened by the tool.

This concentrates the rainfall in the area near the seeds and gives good growth.   

Inter Row Weeder

This tool penetrates the soil just below the soil surface so loosening the weeds which are then desiccated by the sun and wind.


A fine mulch of soil is created on the surface which acts as a barrier to moisture loss.

Donkeys rapidly learn to walk along the centre of the row and the leading trainer is no longer needed.

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